danishElse Østergaard Andersen

Egebaksandevej 8                          Gåbense Strandvej 22
DK-7700 Thisted                           DK-4840 Nr. Alslev
Denmark                                        Denmark
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I am trained as a biologist (M.Sc.) and Master of Public Administration (MPA) and work currently as manager of the first Danish National Park: National Park Thy. Learn more about my professional career under Curriculum Vitae and about my interests under the other items in the menu to the left.

To proove my comprehensiveness I could mention:traebregne
  • First-prize (a trip to Paris) in a bread baking contest "The Good Bread", Odense, Denmark, 2001
  • Description of three fern species new to science, Flora of Ecuador, 2001
  • Botanical drawing published on front page of the Annual Review of Pteridological Research from the American fern Society, 1992
  • Participation in a record attempt by playing guitar among 99 others: "Domino Figures" by Wayne Siegel, the Concert Hall of Aarhus, Denmark, 1989